Emzel Project Development

Project development can be a complex task with many moving parts to organize and coordinate. It’s critical that you have capable and experienced individuals at the helm to ensure the success of your valued projects. Time and attention to the details and realities of different supply chains, including the opportunity cost calculation for suppliers and the risk metrics used by consumers is critical when you are developing a new project.

We have spent much of the last decade developing an understanding and appreciation for how to introduce new concepts in to tradition bound markets. Identifying common language and opportunities is critical to developing supply and sales markets for these value chains. Without an appreciation for the traditions of existing supply chains and the new requirements that are being introduced by new products, a company can destroy its path to success without even knowing it.

Strategic Partnerships

Emzel Investment Corporation is uniquely equipped to bridge worlds of commodities, finance and technology, communicating to each in its own language and facilitating the development of successful, mutually attractive solutions. we have demonstrated experience working with clients to establish risk management policies and practices to facilitate price and transaction risk management, and maintain the necessary controls to reduce credit exposure and hedge volatility.


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