Emzel Energy Solutions

The company provides energy consulting and management services for the application of new technologies, project finance, physical supply and energy risk management.

Value is never created without the introduction of energy. Emzel Investment Corp is focused on improving energy productivity through the application of disciplined decision making processes without sacrificing opportunity to analysis.

Today’s energy markets require an understanding of energy sources and requirements that goes beyond traditional thinking. Emzel Investment provides its clients with broad strategic understanding of new energy sources and the potential impact on their operations.

Trusted Experience

Emzel Investment Corps’ broad experience base includes traditional energy resources and renewables. Consulting activities generally include business development for companies moving in to new markets, either as a start-up or as a new entrant in the market. Our expertise includes customer acquisition and development, managing complex sales cycles and contract negotiations, developing financial risk management strategies and policies and creating strategies for new market and trading organizations.

Emzel Investment has been engaged by clients in diverse industries including agricultural and energy commodities, biomass, timber marketing, waste management, water management, fuel additives, renewable utility fuels and renewable transportation fuels to further the objectives of its corporate clients. We are able to call on a large network of relationships to access specific talent and marketing opportunities as the need arises giving us the capability to move quickly and provide the appropriate scale of resources for diverse projects


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